After School Programs

Hope Christian Academy offers a number of fun, beneficial after-school programs and activities to help further enrich your child’s education. Some of these include:


Our drama program is offered with one or more group productions.


Choirs perform at various events during the school year, as well as our Christmas program and spring musical.

Worship Dancing

Boys and girls interested in worshipping and performing, learn sign language with graceful footwork and dancing set to Christian Music.

Student Shepherds

These students are voted on by their classmates to lead and represent them. Student shepherds are involved in outreach and planning fun activities each month.


Students are active in serving others and supporting various Christian ministries. Eight grade students are involved in a week-long mission trip.

Mountain Lab School

Sixth & seventh grade students will spend an incredible four days in April at Mountain Lab School at Id-Ra-Ha-Je.


Hope Christian Academy also participates in a number of interschool competitions to challenge students to excel and develop their skills in a number of disciplines:

Speech Meet

Students who wish to participate in Speech Meet will choose from several different categories and memorize an age-appropriate poem, scripture, or writing to recite in front of an audience and judging panel. Through this activity, students join students from other regional ACSI member schools for competition. They learn self-confidence and public speaking skills.

Spelling Bee

Spelling bees are held within our school in each grade to determine a champion from each class, each of who then represent our school at the district spelling bee. These students compete with other students from ACSI member schools to determine the winners at the regional and national levels.

Creative Writing

Interested students in 4th grade and higher write and submit original stories and poems, within the ACSI guidelines. The pieces are then judged, and students are given feedback and awarded ribbons to recognize their standings among all participants. Most of our participating students are in the exceptional category.