Thank you for your interest in Hope Christian Academy. We have been blessed to offer student academic and spiritual education for more than 30 years. At Hope, we value personal attention, small classrooms, superior curriculum and an expectation of excellence – all within a loving, Christian setting. One of the greatest benefits of enrolling in Hope Christian Academy is…you are not leaving your child’s peer group to chance!

Providing an encouraging environment, where students have a real opportunity to explore and learn, is a responsibility we take seriously. We reinforce Biblical values and passions you already teach at home. We provide mission opportunities and community service that foster learning, personal growth and serving others because we love Jesus and desire to honor Him. All of these things have resulted in Hope consistently scoring above the 90th percentile in the Iowa Test of Basic Skill. From preschool to eighth grade Hope students grow into exceptional students with integrity and confidence.

Not only is Hope one of the finest private Christian schools in the Denver area, we have low tuition rates and excellent staff and teachers. We work diligently to make quality education an affordable option for caring parents like you. We have sibling discounts for two or more students. Our legacy of exceptional education continues today.

Our doors are always open. We would love to speak with you about Hope, give you a tour of our school and introduce you to your child’s future teacher. Why wait?


Nancy Thurston
Principal, Hope Christian Academy
303.979.6839 | info@hopechristianacademy.com

Christ-Centered Education

The goal of Hope Christian Academy is to provide a high quality faith-centered educational experience for families and children in Littleton, Lakewood, Morrison and surrounding Colorado communities. We invite future parents to explore our website and visit us to learn more about our exceptional and unique educational program.


In preschool, our goal is to teach Christian Bible truths and to provide our community with a Christian educational alternative. Our children are encouraged to explore, experiment and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment.
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Our high quality elementary and middle schools offer an excellent faith-centered academic experience within a loving, respectful, and disciplined environment. We encourage our students to learn about and love their God. We encourage and model behaviors which maintain a strong faith in God and a deep respect for God's plan in the lives of our students.
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